An ISO Certified School in Jaunpur with Great Facilities

School Library

Good Collection of Course , Syllabus and Moral Stories Books. Comics and edutainment titles is most popular among small kids
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Well Ventilated Classrooms

Our students learn in airy classrooms according to norms of C.B.S.E.
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audotorium hall

The School has grand multipurpose hall where all sorts of cultural and cultural activities can be conducted
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fire systems

School has Fire hydrent system. Mock drills and training has been given to students and teachers by Fire Brigade team to help easy and safe escape in case of emergency
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Clean drinking water

The School has RO UV Treated ultra modern machine with coolers. Safe and Clean water adds to better health of our students
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Modern Computer Lab

We Have Modern Computer Lab. The Lab is well equipped with latest software for students where they can learn new techniques by the help of our computer teachers.
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Music Room

The Music room is equipped with modern and traditional instruments. Our students learn Music with dedicated Music Master
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Grand School Play Ground

We have huge lush green campus, surrounded by boundries to ensure safety of our children
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Transport facility

The School has good fleet of transport vehicles as Bus , Tata Winger, Tata Magic. Easy and safe Pick Up Facility is our prime concern
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Here, you learn how to live.

Enroll for a new admission on or before February 2019.
Welcome and ensure the best for your child with The 1st School in Jaunpur with ISO Certification

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